Do you sometimes feel less-than or not enough? Feel like you need to prove your value and worth? Sometimes struggle to believe in yourself? Do you put the needs of others before yourself instead of loving yourself and feeling your needs are important and worthwhile? Do you give of yourself until you're depleted and have nothing left to give? Are you stressed and always running, rarely taking time to meet your own needs and take care of yourself? Do you wonder where your joy has gone, why you've lost that spark of enthusiasm for life you once had?



"Laughter is the Music of the Soul"


As the creator and owner of Dragonfly Laughter and SOAR Mentoring, Chele reminds women how to see their own light and helps to bring the healing energy of self-love, self-compassion, and joy back into their lives. She is a certified Presenter, Mentor, Quantum Play Facilitator, Yin Yoga Teacher, and Laughter Wellness Teacher, and has completed additional trainings from world leaders in Laughter Wellness, Laughter Coaching and Laughter Therapy, as well as Restorative and Kundalini Yoga, Yoga Nidra, and Meditation.

"Chele’s class was a riot!

I left the room feeling lighter than when I arrived and carried that light with me the rest of the day."


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