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Join us for a 3-day Mountain Recharge Retreat!

~Reconnect with Nature & Nurture your Soul~

Laugh Yourself Happy!

Our fun, interactive classes weave together playfulness and laughter, deep breathing, affirmations, cross-brain stimulation, healing music, visualization, meditation, and more. It's a chance to reconnect with yourself and others, center yourself, live in the present moment, and reset your outlook and mindset. 

Come Join Us and Laugh!

Join us for an hour of slow stretching, deep breathing and stress reduction. Leave feeling grounded, renewed and refreshed.
Yin Yoga @ Shine
1 hr
25-30 minutes of Yin Yoga followed by a 15-20 minute Yoga Nidra meditation.
Yoga for Stress
45 min
Come experience the healing benefits of laughing together! You'll leave feeling happier, more at ease, more connected with each other, and energized! You'll take home a n...
Laugh Yourself Happy! @ Shine
1 hr
Laugh Yourself Happy! Meridian Parks&Rec
1 hr
Join a small group of women in a comfy, secluded mountain cabin to disconnect with the outside world, reconnect with nature and nurture your soul! There will be hiking, m...
Recharge Retreat
48 hr

"Laughter is the Music

of the Soul"

Your Teacher

As the creator and owner of Dragonfly Laughter Wellness, Chele teaches others how to bring the amazing healing energy of laughter and joy into their lives. She is a certified Laughter Wellness Teacher and has completed additional training from world leaders in Laughter Wellness, Laughter Coaching and Laughter Therapy.

"Chele’s class was a riot!

I left the room feeling lighter than when I arrived and carried that light with me the rest of the day."


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