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Dragonfly Laughter is all about transformation, light and joy. I help women to find a better way of seeing themselves and their lives, teaching that a far better way is to love, honor and care for themselves in that same way that they love, honor and care for others, and that by doing so, by putting on their own oxygen mask first, by plugging the holes in their bucket and filling it to overflowing, that they can then give to others of the abundance and overflow, from a place of confidence, peace and joyfulness--that by lighting their own candle first, that they can then light up the world for others.

I teach this through Webinars, Online and In-Person Classes, One-on-One Personal Mentoring, Speaking, and Women's Mountain Recharge Retreats, in which women can participate and interact and feel this message at their core, make it a part of their very cells, and incorporate new practices in their lives that will free them from the oppression of not-enoughness, to help them discover the joy in loving themselves and caring for themselves, and how much better and happier their lives will be because of it.

Some of my topics include:

Finding Greater Joy In Your Life, Right Where You Are

You Are Enough: Seeing the Diamond Within

Intentional Laughter and Other Stress Management Tools For a Happier Life

You Find What You Look For: Understanding and Managing Your Brain

Our Deepest Fear: The Courage to Let Your Light Shine

Fill Your Own Bucket & Plug the Holes

Useful Tools for Your Self-Compassion Toolbox

Connecting With Your Authentic Self

Becoming a Virtuoso at Life: It's About Singing Out, Not Singing Well



Chele Howell

Creator and Owner,
Dragonfly Laughter, Speaking and Retreats
and SOAR Mentoring for the Soul

Chele is a self-proclaimed "recovering perfectionist," on a personal quest to help women see their great value, their beautiful light, and the importance and value of the contribution they are here to make, not just in giving to others, but by simply being their own, unique, authentic selves and by doing what they love, what lights them up, what brings them joy. For many years, Chele lived her life trying to prove her worth to herself and others, finally driving herself to adrenal fatigue in the process. This became a great gift to her, offering the opportunity to learn to slow down, to lighten up and to discover her authentic self and that her joy matters. In finding healing and perspective on this path, Chele is now on a mission to teach other women what she has learned.

Laughter Wellness and quantum play

Experience the healing power of laughter and play!

These fun, interactive classes weave together playfulness and laughter, deep breathing, affirmations, cross-brain stimulation, healing music, visualization, meditation, and more. It's a chance to reconnect with yourself and others, center yourself, live in the present moment, discover what brings you joy and purpose and reset your outlook and mindset.

You'll leave feeling happier, more at ease, more grounded and connected, and energized, and take home some new tools to help you relax and unwind, deal with everyday stresses, negative thinking, aches, and pains, bringing into your life a greater sense of well-being, clarity, and joyfulness.

Misty Slopes


Join a small group of women in a comfy, secluded mountain cabin to disconnect with the outside world, reconnect with nature and nurture your soul! There will be hiking, hot springs, meditation, relaxing yin yoga, hammocks, campfires, stargazing, laughter and play, uplifting, thought-provoking conversations and activities, aromatouch and essential oils, plenty of down time, delicious, nourishing food and more!