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Better Things In Store

Sometimes, we have to let go of the story of what we thought something would look like and find joy and purpose in how it's unfolding now.

Today, I'm sad to announce that I'm rescheduling my re-visioned, local "Lift Your Spirits!" retreat to March 20. I simply didn't allow for adequate time to get the word out, and it wasn't enough notice for people to plan for.

But in all that has unfolded, miracles have taken place, and if you'll indulge me, I'd like to share the story with you.

I don't like winter very much. Sure, there are things about it that I love--like watching big, fluffy snowflakes falling, or snuggling by the fire with a bowl of freshly buttered popcorn, a mug of hot cocoa and a good book.

But I really, really don't like being cold. And I REALLY don't like driving on snowy, icy roads. But worst of all, when the days shorten and the world turns dark and cold, I get depressed. I lose my motivation. Sometimes I just don't even want to get out of my warm, cozy bed.

I've dealt with depression much of my life, and I've gotten help with that, and it's much better now. But a few years ago I became aware that I ALSO dealt with SEASONAL depression, and began seeking tools to help me through it--and winter has become a LOT easier for me. (But I still don't like to be cold!)

So as excited as I am to share my Women's Mountain Recharge Retreats, I had NO desire to go out in the cold and do a winter one!!

But last fall, it dawned on me that BECAUSE of this seasonal depression, I have tools to share that can help others who struggle--and so I DID in fact need to hold a WINTER "Lift Your Spirits!" Mountain Recharge Retreat, where I would share those tools. Dang!!

So I scheduled it. I booked the perfect place. I planned nourishing and nurturing self-care options. I found an AMAZING massage therapist, Melissa Goldsmith, to join my team. I had someone coming to feed us delicious, homemade comfort foods. I began advertising. The whole works.

Then, as covid cases began to head upward in our area, I came to the realization that there are women struggling with seasonal depression who are ALSO dealing with fear (around the pandemic as well as other events) that is exacerbating their struggle. And that they need the tools I have to share.

At the same time, my dear friend and mentor, Naomi Jones, decided to open up Insight Yoga--the perfect space for holding a single-day, local retreat with safety protocols, that would make it possible to share my tools with more women who need them.

This led me to completely re-vision the retreat. I re-planned the retreat and how I would share my tools in this new setting. I completely re-did my marketing. And in the process, I reached new people, made new friends, received new inspiration.

It also led me to craft ways to share these tools over zoom, so that I can also help those who aren't comfortable meeting in person at all right now, or who aren't in my area.

As the inspiration for each step came to me, I knew it was the next right step for me to take. It gave me purpose, motivation, and joy, and kept me up and going through the wintry days of January. And it continues to motivate me and draw me forward, almost like a magnet, into and through February, which is normally a pretty bleak month for me.

Sometimes, we are led in a certain direction not because that's what needs to happen, but simply because it will give us growth and learning experiences that will prepare us for opportunities further down the path.

After my retreat last September, I was excited and ready to hold more Mountain Recharge Retreats. I wasn't thinking about creating local offerings. It hadn't even occurred to me that I might one day create an online, small-group Joyfulness Mentoring program.

Yet because of all that has transpired since last fall, here we are!!

So now, while I'm sad to not be holding an experiential, connecting-in-person retreat tomorrow, I'm also incredibly grateful for many small miracles that have taken place along the way, and have led me to expand my offerings in ways that will help SO MANY more people than I could just doing 2 or 3 small mountain retreats each year!!

And I'm excited to say that in the very near future, you will be seeing my announcements of FREE "Lift Your Spirits!" and "Finding Your Joy" interactive zoom webinars, online small-group Joyfulness Mentoring, and more upcoming local retreats, as well as spring and summer Women's Mountain Recharge Retreats!!

And so, today I am filled with hope, grateful for the wisdom that allows me to accept what is, let go of what was, and have faith in what can be, knowing that even in the midst of struggle, (and sometimes even because of it!) there is SO MUCH goodness yet to come!!

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