What people are saying...

"fills me up with positive energy...really helps to connect you to a part of your inner self that doesn't always get a lot of nurturing. It's good for the body, mind, soul, and spirit!"

"Chele is a magnet for good energy and positivity. I wish everyone could experience a laugh yoga class with her.

"Chele's classes are so upbeat and fun. She truly has the gift of laughter and brings out the best in class members...great affirmations...you always leave feeling happier and more empowered. If you are looking for more light in your life check out a...class with Chele""

"Chele’s...class was a riot! I left the room feeling lighter than when I arrived and carried that light with me the rest of the day."

"I loved laughing...and connecting with others...I felt so relaxed and at peace!"

"At the end of the laughter I feel complete relaxation, contentment, and harmony. I always leave feeling ready to take on the day."